Co-creators your partner in times of change

Co-creators supports your organization before, during and after changes. We specialize in Transformational change – changes that affects the organizational culture, including services, products, roles and ways of working.

Prior to a change process planning, decisions about actions to take, how to run the process, how to involve people in order to unleash the power within the organization is crucial.

During a change process the ability to make sense of wins and efforts made builds resilience and releases energy to continue a change path

After a change process learnings can be made and knowledge shared among all collegues and partners

Co-Creators – who are we?

Founder and owner Eva Norrman Brandt BsC in Social work, licensed psychotherapist and fil.lic in Transformational change and adult development.

Eva has worked as a consultant since 1999 – researched made on transformational change and post-conventional leadership. Eva is the author of the bestselling leadership book Ny Chef – (Taking the Lead) 2012/2017/2020 and of Chefspraktikan 2006.

Evas thesis Transformativ förändring och post-konventionellt ledarskap is available on:

And Evas articles on the subject of Transformational change and post-conventional leadership can be accessed here.

Ann-Charlotte Bretan Leadership developer, organizational consultant, trainer and coach with deep and thorough knowledge within the field of Adult development

Marie J:son Öden – licensend psychologisk and licensed psychotherapist with more than 20 years of experience as an organizational consultant in a broad variety of industries. Marie has a broad knowledge of psychological tests and masters almost all tests there are on the market.

Co-Creators also work closely with mentors in the area of change and transformation. Leaders with own deep experience of driving change.

Among our mentors; Kirsti Gjellan Life Science Executive, Board Director and Transformational Leader and Mentor

Kristina Köhler Van Alstine Senior Director, Biopharmaceutical R&D